We love organic

The Biopont brand hallmarks our products, which come from 100% controlled organic farming. No synthetic substances or pesticides are used during the production.


We are constantly striving to obtain commodities from Hungarian producers for further processing whenever possible. We only buy foreign products if the given ingredient is not available  in Hungary or not in the right quality or quantity.


Conscious and healthy nutrition

Sustainably produced food is not only important for our environment, but also for our well-being. Our goal is to promote a healthier and more conscious lifestyle with our products.

Natural flavors

We believe that conscious nutrition is more than a way of life - it means enjoying with all your senses, taking time to eat and appreciating food. Our goal is to preserve naturalness while also protecting our environment from harmful chemicals.

Sustainability and biodiversity

We have been committed to protecting the environment and biodiversity from the beginning, because agriculture and the economic operation of companies significantly determine how the environment around us will turn out in the future. Organic farming is not just an approach, but a comprehensive system that combines economic needs with sustainability and environmental protection practices.

We can rely on each other

Our work is characterized by trust and appreciation, thus we can make the most of our experience and innovative approach. This is based on believing in teamwork and the power of communication, supporting young talents, and paying attention to the professional development of our employees and work-life balance.

Environmental and social responsibility

We are responsible for our work environment and for everyone we work with, which is why we place great emphasis on safety, environmental protection and sustainability in our business, as well as the health of our employees, partners and suppliers. In addition, every year we try to provide support to many healthcare and public education institutions, organizations and those in need.


We build community

At the heart of our company philosophy and values ​​is the human being: our employees, our partners, our customers and everyone we interact with. Accordingly, it is extremely important for us to create a cohesive community. Human-centered attitude is a key part of our vision, as our goal is to help people lead a healthier and more conscious lifestyle with our products and developments.

Millet ball – organic snack
then and now

There are hardly any adults or children who would not have tasted our iconic product, the millet ball. Over the years, in addition to the natural and slightly salty version, we have expanded our range with more and more flavors and snacks, which - in addition to the enjoyment of snacking - provide an excellent alternative for those with gluten sensitivity and lactose intolerance. We are proud to be a pioneer in the production of organic and gluten-free snacks.

We provide solutions

It is extremely important to us to meet special consumer needs with our products. Thanks to the continuous product development and the application of innovative solutions, beside gluten- and lactose-free alternatives we can also provide delicious, high-quality vegan and vegetarian products for our customers.