For us, quality comes first

In order to ensure high quality - beside the best raw materials and manufacturing technology - we operate a strict food safety and quality management system that follows the product from the fields all the way to the store shelf.

Quality starts with the raw material

We use only high-quality raw materials from reliable sources and prefer suppliers with accredited food safety certification (e.g. IFS Food and BRC Food). Furthermore, we constantly monitor and qualify our raw materials to ensure consistent quality.



Strict quality control is carried out during production to make sure that only products that fully meet our specifications are delivered to our customers.
Our plants are certified by the world's most best-known and most accepted food safety and quality standards. This means that we take part in an audit at least once a year by an independent, accredited certification body. These audits review our entire company, focusing primarily on food safety and the quality of our products.



Our IFS Food and BRC Food certification are performed by the Bureau Veritas certification body. Both standards are accredited, which means they fully meet current quality and food safety requirements.
The standards pay particular attention to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and plant hygiene.

Our plant in Ercsi is also gluten-free certified. Our products manufactured here comply with legal requirements.


We love organic

Most of our products are organic certified, thus they fulfill strict domestic and European Union laws and regulations for organic products. Our certification is performed by Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Kft. as an independent, state-authorized ecological inspection body.


We are constantly improving

Our goal is to provide natural and innovative solutions to our customers, therefore we place great emphasis on the development of our products and services with strict quality assurance considerations in mind.
As a result, in addition to the requirements for organic food, most of our products also meet other special consumer needs. For us, it is especially important that gluten-sensitive, lactose-sensitive, vegetarian and vegan consumers also find the most suitable products and alternatives in our selection.


Quality and reliability are extremely important to us!

Organic Certificate
IFS Food Certificate
BRC GFCP Food Certificate