Our mission is to make a healthier and more conscious lifestyle accessible and easier for people. 
Besides, we believe that we also need to pay special attention to the environment and our planet.



98% of our products are made from natural, plant-based ingredients. Numerous studies have shown that plant-based diets and sustainable organic farming have a positive impact on our environment.
The ingredients are sourced from our own organic plantations as well as from suppliers who comply with strict agri-environmental regulations. Furthermore, we are constantly striving to obtain commodities from Hungarian producers whenever possible.


We strive to choose sustainable packaging solutions for our products. However, this comes with challenges, as we need to take food safety standards into account in addition to protecting the environment.
The main role of packaging is to provide protection, containment and preservation of quality, therefore it is crucial to choose the right packaging materials.

Our primary goal is to avoid food waste resulting from improper packaging, as this has a multiple negative impact on our environment. In this case, not only the finished product is wasted, but also the packaging and transport itself, in addition to the energy and resources devoted to the production of the ingredients and the product.

What kind of packaging do we use?

There is a lot of confusing information about packaging materials, especially plastics. It is important to know that there are safe, as well as better and worse plastics for the environment. Plastics we should avoid include those that may release harmful chemicals during food storage. In case of safe plastics the vast majority of research has shown that such a problem does not occur.

But how can a plastic be better for the environment?
For example, by being lighter, which allows more to be shipped at the same time with a smaller ecological footprint, and with the technology available that can easily recycle a given material with a small energy investment.

At Biopont, we only use safe plastics for packaging that also comply with food safety regulations. Most of our products are packaged in recyclable plastic, and we also use glass, metal and paper packaging materials. The majority of the paper we use is recycled or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council ) certified.

As we pay special attention to using the most appropriate packaging to protect our environment in addition to our products, we are constantly looking for new alternatives and technologies. That's why we liaise with a number of printing houses and packaging companies to stay up-to-date on the latest sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions.

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Good to know!

You find the recycling information of each product on our website under the nutrition facts.

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Our supplier partner, the GLS Group, is committed to social and environmental responsibility as well as sustainability. That is why, in the course of their operations, they constantly strive to ensure that their service and economic activities are in line with the protection of the environment. More information about GLS in this topic can be found here.

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Our aspirations

At Biopont, we place as much emphasis on protecting the environment as we do on the high quality of our products. We are committed to testing and introducing new technologies that can make our business even more sustainable.
We also aim to maximize the use of recyclable packaging and reduce our ecological footprint.