Partnering with retailers chains and organic brands to deliver organic, natural and gluten-free products

With the increasing development of the PRIVATE LABEL market, we specialized in the production of private labelled organic and natural food products, many of them gluten-free, offering a customized service to satisfy different customers’ demands.

Today the collaboration with major retail brands and branded organic products is one of our strengths. To meet customers’ requirements:

- we rely on our more than 26 years expertise,

- we invested in a new 4000m² production plant,

- our production is meeting the requirements of IFS and BRC,

- our organic products are certified (HU-ÖKO-01),

- part of the raw materials come from our own 3000 ha territory,

- our products are vegetarian and most of them vegan,

- most of our products are gluten free,

- new recipes and exclusive packaging solutions are managed by our Development Team.

We know that in your private label strategy packaging is playing an essential role. Therefore our packaging proposals are manifold, in different weights, from industrial packaging to the Shelf Ready Trial, including customized bags and single-serving portions.

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We are specialized on:

Organic salty snacks:

- Extruded gluten free snacks - extruded from corn, lentil, millet, rice, spelt, etc.

- Gluten free salty pretzel sticks - the traditional snack that consumers will always be looking for.

- Parmesan waffles.

Organic sweet snacks:

- Extruded snacks sweetened with agave or fruit powders or coated with chocolate.

- Coconut bars – different tastes and very clean, simple recipes.

Raw materials offered in private label packaging:

- syrups (sweeteners), gluten free corn flour and grits, flours: (whole) spelt flour, (whole) wheat flour, rye flour, whole oat flour, grape seed flour, etc.

Gluten-free products

Big part of our products are gluten-free. If you are looking for gluten-free private label products, please >>Contact<< us for details.

Gluten-free milling of corn

Our gluten-free corn mill is placed next to our factory in Ercsi. If you are looking for organic high quality processed corn grits, corn flour or corn germ, you are in the right place. Please >>Contact<< us for price quotation.

Quality and reliability are extremely important to us!


Organic Certificate
IFS Food Certificate
BRC Food Certificate