Our brands

As a market-leading manufacturer and distributor of organic and natural food, our primary goal is to meet consumer’s needs with our premium quality product range, thus - beside ours - customers can choose from a selection of other recognized dosmetic and international brands as well.

Márkáink-  Biopont


The Biopont brand offers a wide range of high-quality organic food for those, who bare the healthy and conscious lifestyle in mind. Beside snacks, drinks, cereals and mueslis, ingredients for baking and cooking are also available.


In addition to the essential ingredients of vegetarian kitchen, the Vegabond product range includes a whole series of tasty vegetable spreads, vegan rissole powders, gluten-free bread mixes and meat substitute products.


Distributed just in Hungary.
Like adults, kids also like to snack and crunch from time to time. The dinosaur shaped snacks from BioSaurus are available in multiple flavors and offer great alternative to replace conventional chips and other crackers. We distribute these products just in Hungary.

Little Angel

Distributed just in Hungary.
For parents sometimes it can be quite challenging to pack tasty, yet light and simple snacks for their small children attending day-care, pre-school or school. Little Angel can be the perfect solution with its playfully shaped, crunchy, fruity-veggie snacks. We distribute these products just in Hungary.


Distributed just in Hungary.
Organique brand offers delicious, crispy potato snacks, for those looking for conscious and healthy choices even when snacking. We distribute these products just in Hung

GUTsy Captain

Distributed just in Hungary.
Their passion for the ocean prompted two good friends – Peter and Matus – to move to Portugal, where they found ideal conditions to create tasty and authentic kombucha. The GUTsy Captain Company uses organic ingredients and their own culture of live bacteria. That’s what makes the GUTsy Captain kombucha drinks special and delicious. We distribute these products just in Hungary.


Aromatherapy at home for physical and mental relaxation! The 100% natural essential and base oils from Naturol contain the given plant’s active ingredients concentrated and undiluted. In addition to citrusy, woody and exotic, the selection also includes floral, menthol and spicy scents, as well as essential oil blends.


Distributed just in Hungary.
The original CARMEX lip balm has been protecting lips from drying out since 1937. The formula has since been further developed and is now available in a variety of packaging and flavors.


Anandam offers allergen-free and environmentally friendly products. Among their most popular products there are the ones specifically developed for mothers-to-be and babies, as well as ECO detergents and cleaning supplies.