Karobos - Kókuszos Extrudált Kukorica, gluténmentes BIO 55 g

Organic extruded corn with carob & cocnut / gluten-free 55 g

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Bio élelmiszerek

Do you wish for a special snack? Try our new gluten-free delicacy! The carob is made from the ripe pods of a tree of the same name, that contains sweet pulp from which the powder is made. Carob is a great alternative to cocoa thanks to its sweet taste. The delicious, extruded organic corn, besides the carob powder, was also blended with a little exotic, crunchy, desiccated coconut, making a delicious snack. Thanks to the reclosable, practical package, you can taste it several times a day!

Average nutritional value in 100g

Energy 2.245 kJ / 539.0 KCAL
Fat 34.8 g
-of which saturated fatty acids 21.0 g
Carbohydrate 48.4 g
-of which sugars 31.6 g
Salt 0.23 g
Protein 4.4 g
Allergen warning It contains milk. May contain traces of peanut and soya!
Data on healthy lifestyle Organic
Legislation Controlled by Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Kft. HU-ÖKO-01
Ingredients white chocolate* (cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, whole milk powder*), desiccated coconut*(22%), corn grits* 17,8%, cane sugar*, sunflower oil*, maltodextrin, carob powder* 3,5%.
Information about usage Ready to eat.
Storage conditions Keep in a dry cool and sunlight-protected place!
Recycling info BOPP + metalized BOPP
Consumerunit price 8432 HUF + Áfa / Kg